Law firm background

Mohlala Attorneys Incorporated is a woman-lead firm of attorneys which has been in business for the past seventeen years, operating from Parkwood (Rosebank) Johannesburg.

All the professional members of this firm are adequately qualified, and have the necessary expertise to carry out their duties with zeal and efficiency, emanating from the intense and appropriate legal training acquired during their article-ship. They have received their training from the best and well-known and well-established legal firms such as Deneys Reitz Attorneys.

Mohlala Attorneys is playing a dominant role in South Africa because it provides article ship for newly qualified graduates from previously disadvantage communities, who are presently finding it difficult to penetrate and get article-ship in the conservative established dominant firms. All our efforts are devoted to giving these new graduates the most adequate and up-to-date training development needed in the profession. We contribute positively to the reconstruction and development program in South Africa.

Mission Statement

We Strive to provide an excellent service to satisfy the needs of our clients and other interest groups, through an effective and efficient management system and strategic partnership. We further commit ourselves to professionalism within a complex and dynamic environment in which we operate to achieve excellence and to emanate as a permanent leading force in the legal profession in South Africa.


  • Recognizing and considering the dignity and interest of each member in the business.
  • Rendering professional and cost-effective service to our clients.
  • Participative and innovative management style.
  • Creating a healthy environment for individuals to strive for excellence.
  • Maintaining honest and frank two-way communication.
  • Remain honest and loyal to the business.
  • Delegating appropriate authority to lower levels.